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We Like Drinking Podcast

The truth is, most of us don't just drink one type of drink, we enjoy all kinds of adult beverages. The majority of the podcast and blogging world, however, sees the world through their own myopic drinking glasses. It's either all beer, all wine, or all spirits, in other words, they're boringly singular. We Like Drinking recognizes that the drink you crave depends on the situation, environment, mood and a host of other things. This podcast works hard to have fun first and maybe teach you something about your favorite drinks.

May 29, 2020

This week on episode 280 of the We Like Drinking podcast we’ll be discussing what’s in our glasses, booze news… I swear… and we’re cracking wise with the National Ambassador for Hendrick’s Gin, Vance Henderson… so crack open that beer, uncork that wine, and let’s get drinking!

Panel Introductions And What We’re Drinking

  • Our guest this week was named Brand Ambassador of the Year for 2020 at the Nightclub and Bar awards. Throughout his career he has helped to open Cuba Libre, a Cuban themed restaurant with a nightlife component. As a brand ambassador he has worked with accounts such as Hendrick’s Gin, Drambuie, Monkey Shoulder, and Milagro Tequila. His most recent promotion has been to the national ambassador for Hendrick’s Gin, please help us welcome, Vance Henderson.

Wine, Beer, Spirit, or Pop Culture Reference

  • Ruyak - Foot

Vance Henderson Interview

  • Visit to help support Hendrick’s stand fast fund, through William Grant and Son
  • Search #hgtippleeffect on Facebook to find bartenders participating in the Tipple Effect

Booze News 

Last call

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