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We Like Drinking Podcast

The truth is, most of us don't just drink one type of drink, we enjoy all kinds of adult beverages. The majority of the podcast and blogging world, however, sees the world through their own myopic drinking glasses. It's either all beer, all wine, or all spirits, in other words, they're boringly singular. We Like Drinking recognizes that the drink you crave depends on the situation, environment, mood and a host of other things. This podcast works hard to have fun first and maybe teach you something about your favorite drinks.

Apr 28, 2017

Thank you for joining us for the We Like Drinking podcast, episode 120. In this episode we’re gonna have lemon faces galore while we drink all these sour beers. So crack open your beer, uncork that wine, and let’s get drinking.

  • Welcome to the show drinkers and thank you for joining us for episode 120. This week it’s our monthly drinking themed episode where we go deep on a specific wine or beer style. This month, it’s all about the trendy sour beers that are all over your local liquor store shelves right now.But before we dive into those, let’s find out who’s on the panel tonight...

Panel Introductions

  • A finalist in the 2013 Wine Blog Awards, a certified California Sustainable Winegrowing Ambassador, and the founder of the stay rad wine blog, …. Jeff is drinking Duchesse de Bourgongne and Calicraft Brewing Co. Barrel Project Zinfandel Sour Ale
  • He’s a member of the American Homebrewers Association and the head brewer at Angry Goats Brewery,...John Ruyak. John is drinking Rodenbach Grand Cru and Boxing Bear Black and Blue Sour
  • My name is Jeff Eckles, I’m a certified specialist of wine and your host for these festivities, and  Jeff is drinking Petrus Oud Bruin and Crooked Stave Petite Sour Tart Cherry


  • John - History/origin, discussion, etc.
  • Q & A
  • Listener Email - Sour beer update from Doley in FL: tried St. Louis fond tradition--That's probably what the goats drank that made them angry.  Not a fan.  Founders Rubaeus--that one was pretty good.  Nice tart raspberry taste, good price.  I'll get more of that.  Best so far: St. Louis framboise lambic.  Great tart/ sweet berry taste. Really liked that stuff. Only downsides are $7.99 a bottle and the fact that it's only 2.8% abv; is it really beer? I'd drink that stuff by the gallon if it was less expensive.  On another note-- the superhero stuff on the last episode: Roundtree/Shaft? Gimme a break.  Dolemite would kick the balls off that sissy. For sure
  • Tastings

Last Call

This is the time in the show where our beloved listeners go from consumers to action takers. How big an action star you become is totally up to you. What are some of the ways our listeners can climb the action taker ladder, guys?

  • Eckles- For our listeners that want to be like {action star} - Follow us on your favorite social media platform. Facebook or Instagram @ WeLikeDrinking, Twitter @WeLikeDrinking1, the number 1.
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OK panel.. Let’s take one last trip around the table and get some final thoughts before we shut off the lights…

Thanks again for joining us at the We Like Drinking Podcast….where you’ll never drink alone.