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We Like Drinking Podcast

The truth is, most of us don't just drink one type of drink, we enjoy all kinds of adult beverages. The majority of the podcast and blogging world, however, sees the world through their own myopic drinking glasses. It's either all beer, all wine, or all spirits, in other words, they're boringly singular. We Like Drinking recognizes that the drink you crave depends on the situation, environment, mood and a host of other things. This podcast works hard to have fun first and maybe teach you something about your favorite drinks.

Dec 15, 2017

Rick Lyke is a beer writer and prostate cancer survivor who has been raising awareness of the importance of regular health screenings and early detection through Pints for Prostates. A charity he founded in 2008 that uses the universal language of beer to reach men and open a dialogue about this important health topic. You may have heard about Pints for Prostates because they organized and host  the Denver Rare Beer Tasting, which will celebrate its 10th edition next fall during GABF) or the Crowns for a Cure program that circulated more than 2 million bottle caps on craft beer this year to raise awareness. An important episode that you should listen to.