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We Like Drinking Podcast

The truth is, most of us don't just drink one type of drink, we enjoy all kinds of adult beverages. The majority of the podcast and blogging world, however, sees the world through their own myopic drinking glasses. It's either all beer, all wine, or all spirits, in other words, they're boringly singular. We Like Drinking recognizes that the drink you crave depends on the situation, environment, mood and a host of other things. This podcast works hard to have fun first and maybe teach you something about your favorite drinks.

Aug 9, 2018

Our guest tonight can be found eating, drinking, and traveling about the Western United States and documenting it on Twitter under the hashtag #WenDoes… She has been blogging for over a decade now and is a regular contributor to the popular Wine Travel Eats blog. If you see a glass of white wine in here hands, head for the hills because the end times have begun, she is Wen.

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  • Our good friend Peter Stafford-Bow, the author of “Corkscrew” has turned his book into an audio book. He was on episode 116 so go check it out. And he has been kind enough to offer up 2 downloads to our listeners, so you can hear Peter regal you with the adventures of Felix Hart as he drinks, humps, and shenanigans his way through the wine world. To get entered just tweet us @Welikedrinking1 give us a picture of what you’re drinking and include the hashtag #DrinkWithFelix. We will announcers next week.

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  • Ann Marie says - I’ve loved the stories lately guys, John’s strawberry disaster, and Jeff’s gadgets. But, I want a tape of Jeff when he fights the big guy next time!